Photography of Louis Kwong
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Louis Kwong is captivated by the vast array of textures, forms and expressions that bely our humanity. Be it in a simple gesture like two people holding hands or in the mastery of a 16th century mason's cathedral wall – his aim is to capture anything that celebrates what is best in us. The character of a photographer informs not only what he chooses to shoot, but the approach he takes towards his subject. Perhaps it's his Cubano-Chinese heritage or maybe his training as a surgeon, but every time Louis picks up his camera he manages to reveal some part the wonder that is the human condition. Moreover, he has the gift of patience - his timing is immaculate giving him an uncanny ability to capture the all important and much spoken of 'decisive moment'. There is a whimsical quality to some of his photographs, a happy coincidence of time and place that hides what is clearly a deliberate portrayal of the world he sees. Louis' compositions have a bold and graphic quality that compliments the dynamism and energy in his subject matter, and his attention to detail gives his work a refinement and intelligence that is a pleasure to behold.